60MW Coal-fired Thermal Power Plant
    Blockchain Establishes Electricity-Token Connection
    Blockchain-based P2P Electricity Trading

SURGE төсөл

Carefully undertake project as follows

БНСУ-ын Засгийн газартай хамтран ажиллах гэрээ

Түншлэлийн мэдэгдэл 1

Биржийн бүртгэл 3 - Олон улсын

● Монгол Улсын Засгийн газартай хамтран ажиллах гэрээ

Техник эдийн засгийн үндэслэл (ТЭЗҮ)-ийг боловсруулж дуусгах

Цахилгаан станцын барилгын шинэчлэл

Биржийн бүртгэл 1 - Олон улсын (2021 онд багтаж)


WATT токеныг олон нийтэд санал болгох

WATT токены анхдагч биржийн арилжаа (IEO) - Монгол

Цахилгаан станцын санхүүжилтийн техник тайланг эхлүүлэх

Биржийн бүртгэл 2 - Олон улсын

Түншлэлийн тухай мэдэгдэл 2


Our Team

Altangerel Begzsvren

Mr. Begzsuren is a professional electrical engineer by training with over 30 years of experience in the development and investment in the mining and energy sectors. He is the co-owner of the Khotgor Shanaga coal mine in a joint venture with the South Korean Government. He founded West Mongolia Energy LLC to supply the coal required for power generation through the Surge Power Plant in western Mongolia.

Director - Legal and Policy
Amarsanaa Tunjin (T.Amarsanaa)

Amarsanaa is a trained lawyer with over 20 years of professional experience advising corporate law. He is a Board member of the Association of Mongolian Lawyers and Khotgor Shanaga LLC. He is a Shareholder of Baruun Mongol Energy LLC.

Joseph Lee

Joseph is an investment banker, lawyer, and blockchain entrepreneur with over 17 years of professional experience. As an investment banker he is specialised in corporate restructuring, project financing, M&A, and operational ‘turnarounds’. His track record spans mining, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, fintech, and blockchain. This experience includes economic policy advisory to central government agencies in North Asia. At present, Joseph also serves as a director and economic advisor to DIIANT, a global IT consulting firm and leader in digital transformation, specialising in design, technical architecture, product development and implementation of secure and scalable distributed systems. Born in Korea and raised in Australia, Joseph holds a Bachelor of Science (Actuarial Studies, Mathematics), Applied Finance, and a Juris Doctor.

Anar Amarjalgal

Anar has over 10 years of professional experience in overseeing the day to day operations, translating strategy into actionable goals for business performance and growth throughout the greater Mongolia region. He is the former COO of the Mongolian Mortgage Corporation HFC LLC, Independent Board Member for the Mongolian Stock Exchange, and the Director of Amarjargal Foundation NGO. Anar holds an MBA in Investment Management from the University of Finance and Economics of Mongolia, and a BA in Economics (emphasis on Intellectual Property) from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Technical Director
Michael Johnson

Mr. Johnson is a qualified engineer with more than 40 years of global experience in the heavy industry, mining and construction sector. He has managed projects for multinational corporations, enterprises, and startups. He is the President & founder of TOA Consulting, an international consultancy and project management company. His successful track record includes work with globally recognised corporations such as Arcelor Mittal, AHMSA, Mobarakeh Steel Company, SMS Siemac, and Iron Ore Canada, spanning China, North America, South East and Central Asia, and Iran.

Eric Choi

Eric is one of key figures in the Asian blockchain industry. As a 7 year veteran of the global blockchain industry, Eric is acknowledged by past clients and business partners as someone who makes the impossible possible in the blockchain. Eric has a natural talent in applying blockchain technology to the most obscure of traditional market businesses and phenomena. He has a successful track record of blockchain implementation in traditional finance, online gaming, entertainment (TV and online), and infrastructure. Eric has consulted for more than 50 crypto projects to date. At present, Eric serves as the CEO of DIIANT, a global IT consulting firm and leader in digital transformation, where he oversees the design, technical architecture, product development and implementation of secure and scalable distributed systems.

Director - Marketing & Social Media
Burte-Ujin Gandi

Burte-Ujin is an influencer, marketer, and entrepreneur of 11 years experience. In 2009, she founded “The Lof” Mongolia’s largest gaming center franchise, which has revolutionised the Mongolian Esports landscape. Burte-Ujin is also a board member of Mongolia’s Esports Association. Her influencer and marketing professional experience spans well known political campaigns, blockchain, TV, retail product endorsement and brand management. Graduating from Raffles International Institute, with a bachelors in commerce majoring in marketing , she is fluent in Mongolian, Russian and English.

Director - Business Development
David Gong

David’s blockchain experience is primarily business development and research, always looking for opportunities to learn and provide a unique perspective. He is an early contributor to Columbia University’s undergraduate organization for distributed ledger technology, Blockchain@Columbia, and Researcher at the CBDC Blockchain Research Institute and Cypherium, a layer-1 blockchain protocol for CBDC interoperability. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from Columbia University.

Director, Blockchain Engineer
Ranadip Saha

Ranadip leads the design architecture and implementation of distributed systems. He has been working with various teams on Ethereum based projects since 2017. He has also worked on a patented reputation management system for mail prioritization and spam filtering using Hyperledger. His expertise lies in DeFi based projects such as governance and reward management systems. He has also worked previously as a full stack developer mainly working on backend systems based on Python and Node.Js and frontend web applications based on ReactJs.